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ZKS-KS online shop Mechanical Houston Mall Parts BT40-ER32-70 Holder Arbor Chuck Milling

ZKS-KS Mechanical Parts, BT40-ER32-70 Milling Arbor Chuck Holder


ZKS-KS Mechanical Parts, BT40-ER32-70 Milling Arbor Chuck Holder

Product description

Since our shop is in the product has many of the features, if you want to see the other styles of products please do not hesitate to ask a question.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question.We will answer within 12 hours.

BT40-ER32-70 Milling Arbor Chuck Holder CNC Tool


Material: carbon steel

Taper: standard

Hardness: 40-50

Accuracy: 0.001mm


-Product selection materials, high quality spring steel.

-Clamping force, wide range of clamping.

-Widely used in boring, milling, drilling, silk attack, sculpture, CNC, and other processing.


-The chuck into the pressure cap, gently turn the reed, to be cap eccentric part of the groove into the groove, along the direction of the arrow evenly push the retainer, you can put into the pressure cap.

-Install the retainer and the cap on the chuck body or the machine tool spindle, wipe the tool cylindrical handle and insert it into the clamping hole. Use the wrench to tighten the pressure cap evenly until the tool clamp can be used.

(Note: and avoid the installation of tools in the tightening pressure cap, so as not to damage the reed)

-When the tool change, with a wrench to release the cap to bring out the chuck and tool, remove the tool, in the direction of the arrow to push the reed, to exit, and then need to put other holes can be reed.

Package Included:

1 x BT40-ER32-70 milling holder

Replace the spare parts and make the equipment look .

Used in electric toys, hair dryers, dust collectors, power tools, car antennas, household appliances, communication equipment, toy shapes, massage machines, etc.

ZKS-KS Mechanical Parts, BT40-ER32-70 Milling Arbor Chuck Holder

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