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Door Genuine Free Shipping Sticker Wallpaper Photo Removable Mural Sky Tre Starry Max 73% OFF

Door Sticker Wallpaper Photo Removable Door Mural Starry Sky Tre


Door Sticker Wallpaper Photo Removable Door Mural Starry Sky Tre

Product description

The mural on the door will impress all the guests in your home! This mural is specially designed for your door, and due to its 3D effect, it will become a great topic for your home. The brightly colored artworks are exciting and themed.
Material: Self-adhesive PVC
Packing includes: 1 roll (including 2 stickers)
Color: as shown in the picture
Size: (38.5 x 200cm) x2pcs/(15.1 x 78.7inch)x2pcs (width, length)
Product description
1. It can be easily pasted without any technology, waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean, reusable, no damage, and environmentally friendly.
2. Scope of application: suitable for smooth media, such as metal, glass, dust-free walls, not suitable for door surfaces or dusty walls
installation instructions:
remove the handleClean surface
Paste the artwork on the door
Slowly begin to peel off the flakes
Remove air bubbles with a plastic spatula
Replace if necessary
Due to the display resolution The rate is high, there may be slight color difference between the door sticker product and the door sticker on the picture, please refer to the actual product.
Because manual measurement is required, the error is 1-3 cm, please forgive me:
If you have any questions, please contact us first, and I will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours

Door Sticker Wallpaper Photo Removable Door Mural Starry Sky Tre

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