pompo,$153,Tissue,Pom,Poms,(50CM),80pcs,Largest,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,20",Flowers,Paper,/leucocytology231497.html,big,guardianangelschool.org 80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers Largest 20" pompo online shop big 50CM 80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers Largest 20" pompo online shop big 50CM pompo,$153,Tissue,Pom,Poms,(50CM),80pcs,Largest,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,20",Flowers,Paper,/leucocytology231497.html,big,guardianangelschool.org $153 80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers big Largest 20" (50CM) pompo Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies $153 80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers big Largest 20" (50CM) pompo Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies

80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Super popular specialty store Flowers Largest 20

80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers big Largest 20" (50CM) pompo


80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers big Largest 20" (50CM) pompo

Product description

2.Fashion desigh
3.Size: 20" 50cm
4.Color:pink/hot pink/light green/sky blue/light yellow/orange/Light purple/white/yellow/black/red/brown/dark blue/deep purple etc
5.Please Note: Different monitors may display colors differently
Use: used in home decoration wedding decorations holiday decorations party decorations
Material: pure wood pulp paper as raw material, non-toxic and tasteless
Please choose the color you like and quantity.
If you want other size and quantity please check our store or directly contact us,welcome any inquiry.wholesale got better price~

80pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers big Largest 20" (50CM) pompo

Tradeshows Simply fairs
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