Lapithos Kitchen Direct sale of manufacturer Island with Wood Drawer 3.5'' H Top Interior: $781 Lapithos Kitchen Island with Wood Top, Drawer Interior: 3.5'' H Home Kitchen Furniture Lapithos Kitchen Direct sale of manufacturer Island with Wood Drawer 3.5'' H Top Interior: H,3.5'',Island,Top,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wood,$781,/lecotropal292547.html,Interior:,Kitchen,Lapithos,with,,Drawer H,3.5'',Island,Top,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wood,$781,/lecotropal292547.html,Interior:,Kitchen,Lapithos,with,,Drawer $781 Lapithos Kitchen Island with Wood Top, Drawer Interior: 3.5'' H Home Kitchen Furniture

Lapithos Kitchen Direct sale of manufacturer Island with Wood Drawer 3.5'' discount H Top Interior:

Lapithos Kitchen Island with Wood Top, Drawer Interior: 3.5'' H


Lapithos Kitchen Island with Wood Top, Drawer Interior: 3.5'' H

Product description

Between appliance clutter and prep space, it can be easy to run out of room in your kitchen. Thankfully, adding an island like this is a great option for getting surface area and storage, all in an on-trend packed. Crafted from solid birch wood with an oiled finish, this island features a butcher block surface perfect for prepping your next meal. And with a drawer and two cabinets, this piece is perfect for tucking away kitchen clutter. Four rolling wheels allow this piece to be easily moved out of the way when not in use.

1. Overall: 34.5'' H x 40'' W x 26.5'' D

1. Number of Interior Shelves: 4

1. Base Material: Solid + Manufactured Wood
2. Counter Material: Butcher block; Solid Wood
3. Wheels: Yes
4. Assembly Required: Yes

1. This item is a combination of hardwood and pressed board with a veneer finish.

1. Overall: 34.5'' H x 40'' W x 26.5'' D
2. Shelf: 30.25'' W x 12.25'' D
3. Leaf: 38'' W x 9'' D
4. Drawer Interior: 3.5'' H x 30.25'' W x 12.25'' D
5. Cabinet Interior: 22.25'' H x 34.25'' W x 13.88'' D
6. Width Without Side Attachments: 38''
7. Height Without Wheels: 31.875''
8. Countertop Thickness: 0.75''
9. Overall Product Weight: 106 lb.

1. Product Type: Kitchen Cart
2. Base Material: Solid + Manufactured Wood
Base Material Details: Birch, Warp resistant hard wood veneer ; Back panel, side panels (between the legs), and interior shelves are made of pressed board with a veneer finish
Wood Species: Birch
3. Counter Material: Butcher block; Solid Wood
Counter Material Details: Birch
4. Base Color: Brown
5. Counter Finish: Oiled
6. Drawers Included: Yes
Number of Drawers: 1
7. Cabinets Included:

Lapithos Kitchen Island with Wood Top, Drawer Interior: 3.5'' H

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