$124 NusGear CD Cabinet Gray 40.6"x9"x69.9" Chipboard for CDs, Books, Home Kitchen Furniture NusGear CD Cabinet Fees free!! Gray 40.6"x9"x69.9" for Books CDs Chipboard NusGear,Chipboard,for,CD,Cabinet,guardianangelschool.org,Books,,40.6"x9"x69.9",CDs,,Gray,$124,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/lecotropal231647.html $124 NusGear CD Cabinet Gray 40.6"x9"x69.9" Chipboard for CDs, Books, Home Kitchen Furniture NusGear CD Cabinet Fees free!! Gray 40.6"x9"x69.9" for Books CDs Chipboard NusGear,Chipboard,for,CD,Cabinet,guardianangelschool.org,Books,,40.6"x9"x69.9",CDs,,Gray,$124,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/lecotropal231647.html

NusGear CD Cabinet Fees free Gray 40.6

NusGear CD Cabinet Gray 40.6"x9"x69.9" Chipboard for CDs, Books,


NusGear CD Cabinet Gray 40.6"x9"x69.9" Chipboard for CDs, Books,

Product description

This CD cabinet is a practical and decorative addition to your living space.

It is stylish yet practical, and perfect for keeping your music collection organised. The 30 open compartments not only offer plenty of storage space to hold records but also are ideal for holding any accessories for your collection. The storage cabinet is made of a strong board, making it exceedingly sturdy and durable. Additionally, it can serve as a filing cabinet for the office or study, or as a bedroom cabinet. The bookshelf is easy to clean and assemble.

A great storage solution for keeping your home organised, this CD shelf is just what you need!

  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Chipboard
  • Dimension: 40,6" x 9" x 69,9" (W x D x H)
  • With 30 open compartments
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • WARNING: In order to prevent overturning, this product must be used with the wall attachment device provided,

NusGear CD Cabinet Gray 40.6"x9"x69.9" Chipboard for CDs, Books,

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