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WXC Black Cheap mail order shopping 100% quality warranty Bamboo Flute Professional Adult Playing Musical Instru

WXC Black Bamboo Flute Professional Playing Adult Musical Instru


WXC Black Bamboo Flute Professional Playing Adult Musical Instru

Product description


Product Type: Performance Level Chinese Bamboo Flute

This is a precision beginner bamboo flute.

About the story: Chinese flute has a long history and can be traced back to the Neolithic period.

At that time, the flute consisted of animal bones used for sacrifice and celebration.

About 4000 years ago, the material of the flute evolved into bamboo, which was used for the ceremonial music of the royal family.

Today, it is the most commonly used traditional instrument in China.

Why use old bamboo? *

Only the bamboo that has experienced the cold winter is a good bamboo.

In winter, the temperature drops and the bamboo experiences a cold wind and frost baptism every day, which makes it more compact.

The more winter it experiences, the better the texture.

The bamboo of a very young age, although it can also be used as a flute, is prone to cracking and more susceptible to insects.

That's why the Chinese love bamboo because it's better because of setbacks.

* Why beginners need more precise sounds? *

For beginners, the wrong sound effects can cause poor performance.

Will fight the enthusiasm of learning.

Beginners are very important for the detection of noise and the wrong sounds lead to false perceptions.

WXC Black Bamboo Flute Professional Playing Adult Musical Instru

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