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Byakns Attention brand Fitness Equipment Dumbbell Adjustable discount Bench Weight

Byakns Fitness Equipment Dumbbell Bench Weight Bench Adjustable


Byakns Fitness Equipment Dumbbell Bench Weight Bench Adjustable

Product description

Product Name: Multifunctional dumbbell bench
Model: Sit-ups fitness chair
Fitness equipment category: Multi-function supine board
Material: Metal (high quality steel) + leather
Load bearing: 400kg
Net weight: 13kg
Color: Black
Size: 120x50x30.5cm (47.2x19.6x12 inches)
Cushion adjustment: 6-speed adjustment
Sports parts: chest muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, abdominal muscles, buttocks
Suitable for the crowd: fitness men and women, teenagers, office people, sedentary people
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Byakns Fitness Equipment Dumbbell Bench Weight Bench Adjustable

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