Marble,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wandella,Furniture,Fabric,,$660,,/leafwork231566.html,Beige,Counter,Height,Acme,Set, $660 Acme Furniture Wandella Counter Height Set, Beige Fabric, Marble Home Kitchen Furniture Acme Furniture Wandella Counter Height New mail order Marble Beige Fabric Set $660 Acme Furniture Wandella Counter Height Set, Beige Fabric, Marble Home Kitchen Furniture Marble,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wandella,Furniture,Fabric,,$660,,/leafwork231566.html,Beige,Counter,Height,Acme,Set, Acme Furniture Wandella Counter Height New mail order Marble Beige Fabric Set

Acme Furniture Wandella Sales Counter Height New mail order Marble Beige Fabric Set

Acme Furniture Wandella Counter Height Set, Beige Fabric, Marble


Acme Furniture Wandella Counter Height Set, Beige Fabric, Marble

Product description

The Wandella four-piece counter height table set comes with a table and three stools. The table features three open storage compartments and a marble top. Not just for the dining room, this uniquely styled table is equally handy behind a sofa or hanging out next to a wall, ready to serve all your entertaining needs. The stools are upholstered in beige fabric with nailhead trim. The Wandella table set is constructed from a wooden frame, marble top, and selected veneers to prevent scratches and wear for durability. In a weathered rustic oak finish that fits easily into traditional and contemporary homes.

Acme Furniture Wandella Counter Height Set, Beige Fabric, Marble

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