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Natural Wavy Hair Topper Quality inspection with Side C Part Middle Bangs Swept Topics on TV 14

Natural Wavy Hair Topper with Side Swept Bangs 14" Middle Part C


Natural Wavy Hair Topper with Side Swept Bangs 14" Middle Part C

Product description

Color:Light Brown

Kindly Notes:This is not a full wig,it's only a small area hairpiece for hair replacement,it is perfect for covering slightly grey hair or loss hair.
1.Hair Texture: Culry Hair .

2.Hair Material: 80% synthetic fiber +20% human Hair

2.Hair Length:14"

3. Base Size:
10cmx13cm,machine made+handmade

4.Hair Color:black,dark brown,light brown.Colours may look little differently on each monitors
Kindly Tips:it is a very lightweight hairpiece for Slight and Moderate loss hair,if you want thick hairpiece,please choose a large area hairpiece,such as base size 5x5"

How long will our hair toppers last?
A lot will depend on the environment that you wear it in. As a general rule of thumb:
1.Fibre hair pieces: This type of hair topper can last from 4 months to 7 months depending on various factors such as hair length, quality and maintenance.
2.Human hair hair pieces: This type of topper can last for up to 1 year or even longer - depending on various factors such as quality, construction and maintenance.

It is not recommended to sleep in hairpiece, it will cut the lifespan of the hairpiece in half. However, we understand this is not always possible so if you do, sleeping on a silk pillow is advised.

Natural Wavy Hair Topper with Side Swept Bangs 14" Middle Part C

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