$283 XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Piano Bench with Waterproof Cushion F Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Over item handling Piano Bench with F Waterproof Cushion $283,Adjustable,XIAOQIAO,Bench,Piano,Waterproof,/leafwork149866.html,F,guardianangelschool.org,Cushion,Wooden,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,with $283 XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Piano Bench with Waterproof Cushion F Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Over item handling Piano Bench with F Waterproof Cushion $283,Adjustable,XIAOQIAO,Bench,Piano,Waterproof,/leafwork149866.html,F,guardianangelschool.org,Cushion,Wooden,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,with

XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Over item Max 61% OFF handling Piano Bench with F Waterproof Cushion

XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Piano Bench with Waterproof Cushion F


XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Piano Bench with Waterproof Cushion F

Product description


In simple terms, hydraulic lifting is automatic lifting. Just press the lifting handle to automatically raise 10cm.

Compared with traditional rotary manual lifting, it is more convenient, quick and easy to rise to the desired height.

Name: Single Piano Stool
Color: Black
Material: Wood, metal, leather, etc.
Lifting range: About 10cm
Size: 55 * 34 * 47-57 cm
Function: 10cm height adjustment, hydraulic technology
Suitable for: Schools, concert halls, homes, etc.

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XIAOQIAO Wooden Adjustable Piano Bench with Waterproof Cushion F

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