$48 Furniking Coffee Table White and Sonoma Oak 39.4"x15.7"x15.7" Ch Home Kitchen Furniture $48 Furniking Coffee Table White and Sonoma Oak 39.4"x15.7"x15.7" Ch Home Kitchen Furniture Furniking Coffee Table White and 39.4"x15.7"x15.7" Sonoma Large discharge sale Ch Oak Furniking Coffee Table White and 39.4"x15.7"x15.7" Sonoma Large discharge sale Ch Oak Furniking,Ch,39.4"x15.7"x15.7",and,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Oak,Sonoma,Table,/goosetongue292673.html,Coffee,guardianangelschool.org,$48,White Furniking,Ch,39.4"x15.7"x15.7",and,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Oak,Sonoma,Table,/goosetongue292673.html,Coffee,guardianangelschool.org,$48,White

Furniking Coffee Table Manufacturer regenerated product White and 39.4

Furniking Coffee Table White and Sonoma Oak 39.4"x15.7"x15.7" Ch


Furniking Coffee Table White and Sonoma Oak 39.4"x15.7"x15.7" Ch

Product description

Add a touch of elegance with our stylish coffee table with a shelf. With fine craftsmanship, it will be an instant upgrade to your living room interior.

Whether you are looking for a coffee table to rest your drinks or other necessities, or an end table with storage function, this table has it all. Distinctive open shelf brings artful organization to magazines, books and more, whereas the contemporary design with a flair of Scandinavian style compliments the existing decor of your home. Made of quality board, this coffee table is built to last.

The end table is easy to clean with damp cloth. This couch table is easy to assemble with included mounting materials.

▲Color: White and sonoma oak
▲Material: Chipboard
▲Dimensions: 39.4" x 15.7" x 15.7"(W x D x H)
▲With a shelf

Furniking Coffee Table White and Sonoma Oak 39.4"x15.7"x15.7" Ch

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