Mats,Runner,of,/goosetongue231873.html,,6,,EZON-CH,Christmas,$28,and,Red,Table,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Table,Bird,Set $28 EZON-CH Table Runner and Table Mats Set of 6, Christmas Red Bird Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Mats,Runner,of,/goosetongue231873.html,,6,,EZON-CH,Christmas,$28,and,Red,Table,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Table,Bird,Set $28 EZON-CH Table Runner and Table Mats Set of 6, Christmas Red Bird Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining EZON-CH Table Runner and Mats Set 6 Award-winning store of Christmas Red Bird EZON-CH Table Runner and Mats Set 6 Award-winning store of Christmas Red Bird

EZON-CH Table Runner and Mats Set 6 Spring new work one after another Award-winning store of Christmas Red Bird

EZON-CH Table Runner and Table Mats Set of 6, Christmas Red Bird


EZON-CH Table Runner and Table Mats Set of 6, Christmas Red Bird

Product description


Various sizes of table runner placemat set:
70"x13"+13"x19"*6 = 178x33cm+33x48cm*6
90"x13"+13"x19"*6 = 229x33cm+33x48cm*6
72"x16"+13"x19"*6 = 183x41cm+33x48cm*6
Please choose the right size to achieve the best effect!
Classic and unique table runner design with artistic,it can well dress farmhouse,coffee,dining table etc amp; add a distinctive temperament and a different rustic charm to your home.
Made from quality cotton and linen,machine washable to save your cleaning time and keep table runner and placemats fresh-looking,heat insulation to protect your precious table.
Perfect for wedding,birthday party,graduations,outdoor picnic,holiday celebration,Thanksgiving,Christmas,Halloween,New Year and other holiday or party table decor.Our table runner helps to mobilize the atmosphere of the dining amp; increase the fun of dining amp; make people unforgettable.
❗ Notice:
Machine washing with gentle amp; lay flat to dry,these can better protect the our table cover.
If any questions,please contact me!

EZON-CH Table Runner and Table Mats Set of 6, Christmas Red Bird

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