Travel,/goosetongue150173.html,Baby,Portable,Baby Products , Travel Gear,ZHZHUANG,Functions,Folding,Cot,Cot,Multiple,$144, $144 ZHZHUANG Travel Cot,Multiple Functions Folding Portable Baby Cot Baby Products Travel Gear $144 ZHZHUANG Travel Cot,Multiple Functions Folding Portable Baby Cot Baby Products Travel Gear ZHZHUANG Travel Cot Multiple High material Portable Functions Baby Folding Travel,/goosetongue150173.html,Baby,Portable,Baby Products , Travel Gear,ZHZHUANG,Functions,Folding,Cot,Cot,Multiple,$144, ZHZHUANG Travel Cot Multiple High material Portable Functions Baby Folding

ZHZHUANG Travel Cot Multiple High material Portable Functions Baby Folding Mail order cheap

ZHZHUANG Travel Cot,Multiple Functions Folding Portable Baby Cot


ZHZHUANG Travel Cot,Multiple Functions Folding Portable Baby Cot

Product description


a Compact and Easy to Fold Children's Bed. Meets All Requirements and Regulations for Children's Beds. Simple to Fold and Very Compact to Carry.

Recommended Weight: 0-12Kg

Applicable Age: 0-36 Months

Net Weight: 7.0Kg

Gross Weight: 7.5Kg

Size: 100Cm*70Cm*65Cm

Packing Size: 19Cm"19Cm*66.5Cm

Commodity Color: Khaki, Pink, Blue

Box Contains


ZHZHUANG Travel Cot,Multiple Functions Folding Portable Baby Cot

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