Pickguard,guardianangelschool.org,11-Hole,f,Guitar,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Brio,Modern,HSS,for,/goosetongue149773.html,Style,Parts,$58,Strat $58 Guitar Parts for Brio 11-Hole Modern Style Strat HSS Pickguard f Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Pickguard,guardianangelschool.org,11-Hole,f,Guitar,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Brio,Modern,HSS,for,/goosetongue149773.html,Style,Parts,$58,Strat Limited price Guitar Parts for Brio 11-Hole Modern Pickguard Strat Style HSS f Limited price Guitar Parts for Brio 11-Hole Modern Pickguard Strat Style HSS f $58 Guitar Parts for Brio 11-Hole Modern Style Strat HSS Pickguard f Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Limited price Guitar Parts for Ranking TOP5 Brio 11-Hole Modern Pickguard Strat Style HSS f

Guitar Parts for Brio 11-Hole Modern Style Strat HSS Pickguard f


Guitar Parts for Brio 11-Hole Modern Style Strat HSS Pickguard f

Product description

Product Description:

For Fender US/Mexican Made Standard Stratocaster Modern Style.

11 Holes,

HSS Config

4ply Pearl Blue/White/Black/White PVC material,0.09 inch (2.2MM) thickness

Back foiled.

Double layers protect filmed on the top.

Guitar Parts for Brio 11-Hole Modern Style Strat HSS Pickguard f

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