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QJN Household USB Charging sale Luxury Fan Retro Mini Indo Hanging Neck

QJN Household USB Charging Fan Retro Mini Hanging Neck Fan, Indo


QJN Household USB Charging Fan Retro Mini Hanging Neck Fan, Indo

Product description


★Widely used in different occasions:

Can be used for your leisure time, such as chatting, watching videos, sleeping, and playing games.

Especially suitable for summer travel. The portable size is perfect for your child.

★Product parameters

Name: No leaf hanging neck fan

Color: pink, green, blue

Size: 110x55x57mm

Time: 1st gear 6 hours, 2nd gear 4.5, 3rd gear 2.5

Rated power: 3W

★ Notes:

1. The size is manually measured, please forgive if there is any deviation.

2. Due to different computer monitors, cameras or light environments, please allow slight chromatic aberrations.

★About purchase:

Shipped within 2 working days after placing the order

We will deliver it to you within 12-18 working days

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Your satisfaction is our pride.

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QJN Household USB Charging Fan Retro Mini Hanging Neck Fan, Indo

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Online Resources

Reflections on 2021 Symposia

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Call for Papers: 57th International Congress on Medieval Studies

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