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SCGNN Straight Max 88% OFF Ombre Synthetic Women Curly Wave Wig Long Natural Raleigh Mall

SCGNN Straight Ombre Synthetic Women Wig Natural Wave Long Curly


SCGNN Straight Ombre Synthetic Women Wig Natural Wave Long Curly

Product description


Wig color: chocolate / honey
Wig type: synthetic wig
Wig material: high temperature resistant fiber

Washing and maintenance:
Shake the hair with cold or warm water and wash the wig with a mild shampoo.
Gently brush the wig from top to bottom.
After washing, do not dry the wig in hot air. Use a dry towel to gently remove excess water from the wig.
Place it in a ventilated area to prevent direct damage to the wig.
The wig should be placed in a cool, dry place.
Long wigs should be patiently combed from top to bottom.

Due to the difference in lighting when photographing or slight chromatic aberration between different displays, please refer to the actual object received.
A small amount of hair loss during the finishing process is a normal phenomenon.

About our products
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There are various styles in the store, welcome to our store.
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SCGNN Straight Ombre Synthetic Women Wig Natural Wave Long Curly

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