Milwaukee Mall CBS Hytron 6T8 EABC8 Triple Diode Audio AM Fr Triode FM Detector CBS,Detector,Fr,/founder6645594.html,Diode,,6T8/EABC8,Hytron,Triode,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,$28,FM/AM,Triple,Audio CBS,Detector,Fr,/founder6645594.html,Diode,,6T8/EABC8,Hytron,Triode,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,$28,FM/AM,Triple,Audio $28 CBS Hytron 6T8/EABC8 Triple Diode Triode FM/AM Detector Audio Fr Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Milwaukee Mall CBS Hytron 6T8 EABC8 Triple Diode Audio AM Fr Triode FM Detector $28 CBS Hytron 6T8/EABC8 Triple Diode Triode FM/AM Detector Audio Fr Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Limited time for free shipping Milwaukee Mall CBS Hytron 6T8 EABC8 Triple Diode Audio AM Fr Triode FM Detector

CBS Hytron 6T8/EABC8 Triple Diode Triode FM/AM Detector Audio Fr


CBS Hytron 6T8/EABC8 Triple Diode Triode FM/AM Detector Audio Fr

Product description


  • CBS Hytron




  • Three high perveance diodes
  • One high mu triode
  • Vf 6.3 Volts / If 0.45 Ampere / Indirect / Parallel / series AC/DC
  • AM detector FM detector, and audio frequency voltage amplifier in radio and television receivers
  • Especially used for 450mA series operation in American television sets


  • 6T8A
  • EABC8


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CBS Hytron 6T8/EABC8 Triple Diode Triode FM/AM Detector Audio Fr

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