Curtain,W,Liner,Waterproof,96",Washab,,H,,Home Kitchen , Bath,x,$23,Shower,72",/founder149894.html,Womenfocus $23 Womenfocus Shower Curtain Liner 72" W x 96" H, Waterproof Washab Home Kitchen Bath Womenfocus Shower Curtain Liner 72" W x 96" H Waterproof Nashville-Davidson Mall Washab Curtain,W,Liner,Waterproof,96",Washab,,H,,Home Kitchen , Bath,x,$23,Shower,72",/founder149894.html,Womenfocus Womenfocus Shower Curtain Liner 72" W x 96" H Waterproof Nashville-Davidson Mall Washab $23 Womenfocus Shower Curtain Liner 72" W x 96" H, Waterproof Washab Home Kitchen Bath

Womenfocus Shower discount Curtain Liner 72

Womenfocus Shower Curtain Liner 72" W x 96" H, Waterproof Washab


Womenfocus Shower Curtain Liner 72" W x 96" H, Waterproof Washab

Product description


Made of premium polyester fabric. Feels soft and comfortable. Luxurious shower curtain creates A beautiful spa-like feeling in your bathroom.
You can feel confident that you're providing a healthy environment in your bathroom.

Our shower curtains are well made that keep your bath clean, we have getting it tested for plenty of time in avoid to spash water out of the floor, the material of the appearance enhance the function that not getting it wet to bring better bath environment.
Plus, the shower curtain provides privacy and decorative appeal and can be used as a stand-alone curtain. It can also be used with an liner for added protection from the splish and splash of showers and baths.

Decorate Your Home:
Beautiful curtain brightens your bathroom as well as your mood. Simple design and fashionable appearance beautify your home decor.
Suitable for use in master bathroom, hotel, hotel, gym, apartment, dorm, school shower room, gym, guest bathroom and other bathrooms that require shower curtains.

Rust-Proof Grommets:
Each curtain has rust-proof metal grommets which fit most curtain hooks. Easy to install.

Easy to Match:
ou can choose to use the plastic hooks we give away, or you can choose the exquisite metal hooks you purchased yourself. Either way, it will bring a different beauty.

Machine Washable:
The shower curtain is easy care. Wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed. It is recommended that you open the shower curtain liner fully to allow it to dry after each use.
Our durable shower curtain will not fade, wrinkle or shrink. It has a long life and can be used for a long time.

If you have any questions about the quality of the shower curtain, just feel free to contact us, we will help you.

Womenfocus Shower Curtain Liner 72" W x 96" H, Waterproof Washab

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