$53 Slotted Cooking Spoon - Olive Wood Kitchen utensils set Cooking Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,guardianangelschool.org,Slotted,Cooking,Olive,$53,Spoon,set,/exoticalness292168.html,Cooking,Kitchen,Wood,-,utensils $53 Slotted Cooking Spoon - Olive Wood Kitchen utensils set Cooking Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Slotted Ranking TOP8 Cooking Spoon - Olive Wood utensils set Kitchen Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,guardianangelschool.org,Slotted,Cooking,Olive,$53,Spoon,set,/exoticalness292168.html,Cooking,Kitchen,Wood,-,utensils Slotted Ranking TOP8 Cooking Spoon - Olive Wood utensils set Kitchen

Slotted Ranking TOP8 Cooking Spoon - Limited time trial price Olive Wood utensils set Kitchen

Slotted Cooking Spoon - Olive Wood Kitchen utensils set Cooking


Slotted Cooking Spoon - Olive Wood Kitchen utensils set Cooking

Product description

Slotted olive wood spoon made
Handcrafted slotted spoon carved from a single chunk of olive wood
Measures 11.7" in length
Satin finished to protect olive wood from damage
Hand-wash olive wood spoon after use
Periodic care: rub with a light coat of olive or sunflower oil
Slotted wooden spoon to use with all cookware
Olive wood has unique grain pattern that becomes more lovely with age amp; use
Lovely cooking spoon for draining and stirring

Slotted Cooking Spoon - Olive Wood Kitchen utensils set Cooking

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