H0MEpartss 10 XPR12 Miniature 12V Bulb Xenon Long-awaited Flashlight $30 H0MEpartss (10 XPR12 Miniature Flashlight Xenon Bulb 12V Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs H0MEpartss 10 XPR12 Miniature 12V Bulb Xenon Long-awaited Flashlight $30 H0MEpartss (10 XPR12 Miniature Flashlight Xenon Bulb 12V Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,12V,$30,guardianangelschool.org,Flashlight,XPR12,Bulb,Xenon,(10,/dyslogy149877.html,H0MEpartss,Miniature Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,12V,$30,guardianangelschool.org,Flashlight,XPR12,Bulb,Xenon,(10,/dyslogy149877.html,H0MEpartss,Miniature

H0MEpartss 10 Excellent XPR12 Miniature 12V Bulb Xenon Long-awaited Flashlight

H0MEpartss (10 XPR12 Miniature Flashlight Xenon Bulb 12V


H0MEpartss (10 XPR12 Miniature Flashlight Xenon Bulb 12V

Product description

Base: P13.5s~ Current: 0.7 A~ Diameter: 10 mm~ Filament: C-2R~ Glass: T-3.25~ LCL: 6.35 mm~ MOL: 30 mm~ MSCP: 13 MSCP~ Power: 8.4 W~ Voltage: 12 V ~

H0MEpartss (10 XPR12 Miniature Flashlight Xenon Bulb 12V

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