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Professional Haircut Scissors Kit Ha Free shipping on posting reviews Set Selling and selling Hairdressing

Professional Haircut Scissors Kit, Hairdressing Scissors Set, Ha


Professional Haircut Scissors Kit, Hairdressing Scissors Set, Ha

Product description

☛ We focus on providing the best professional personal care tools. Barber scissors are already an indispensable tool in many hair salons.

✔ Features:
1. Made of high-quality stainless steel, with durability and long life, stylish appearance.

2. Our scissors are sturdy and durable, with sharp hollow blades, which can keep the sharpness every time you cut.

3. Our professional beauty scissors are very suitable for hair salon, hairdresser, hairdresser, beautician and personal use.

4. This structural scissors for thinning hair is equipped with PU leather case, which is a good gift for your friends and family.

5. After quality inspection, make the hair clipper the best choice for professionals.

✔ Note:
1. Please clean the scissors after use to ensure permanent use.
2. Very sharp scissors! Keep out of the reach of children.

Professional Haircut Scissors Kit, Hairdressing Scissors Set, Ha

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