$660 Banshee Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Group 31 Dual Terminal Batter Automotive Replacement Parts Banshee online shop Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Group Dual 31 Terminal Batter Terminal,Group,31,/daringly6645679.html,Lithium-Ion,Lightweight,$660,Automotive , Replacement Parts,RV,guardianangelschool.org,Banshee,Dual,Batter Terminal,Group,31,/daringly6645679.html,Lithium-Ion,Lightweight,$660,Automotive , Replacement Parts,RV,guardianangelschool.org,Banshee,Dual,Batter Banshee online shop Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Group Dual 31 Terminal Batter $660 Banshee Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Group 31 Dual Terminal Batter Automotive Replacement Parts

Banshee online shop Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Special price for a limited time Group Dual 31 Terminal Batter

Banshee Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Group 31 Dual Terminal Batter


Banshee Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Group 31 Dual Terminal Batter

Product Description

Banshee Batteries Group 31M Marine, RV, Solar Application LifePo4 Lithium Ion Battery

There is nothing like it. There are so many things about this new lightweight super powered battery to describe, but we are gonna try. If your into boating, sailing, fishing, RV, or anything outdoors and you need Power, Banshee has you covered. Our new Super lightweight Lithium ion LifePo4 battery is 1/3 the weight and 3xs the Life.

Here are the Highlights..

  • CCA - 1200, If your boating or fishing and 1200CCA wont get you started, its too cold to be boating or fishing. Go Home.
  • Emergency Start - If you ever accidentally run the battery down, it has an emergency start function to get you home. and yes, It will recover.
  • Dual Terminal Marine Posts - Yes, real dual terminal marine posts - just like every other marine battery made since 1930. No need for adapters.
  • Lightweight - Weighs 60% less than typical AGM or Lead batteries.
  • Extended Life Cycle - lasts 3X longer than AGM or SLA batteries.

Additional Features/Details

  • High power BMS “Battery Management System” - This will protect the battery from being over-charged, discharged or even short-circuiting. The feature regulates the amount of power being utilized and serves as an automatic shut-off system to protect the Lithium-Ion LiFeP04 cells. This also serves as a safety precaution if/when operating under unsafe conditions.
  • Built-In LED Voltage Indicator - Know the voltage of your battery anytime… all the time
  • Patent Pending Dual Marine Posts - Made of the highest quality fine copper to increase the unit's starting ability.
  • Emergency Start - If the battery does not start your boat, press the emergency start button and then try to start your boat again. After pressing the Emergency Start button, you have 60 seconds to start your boat. The Emergency Start feature will only activate when the battery is depleted.
  • Extreme Light Weight - Weighs only 24.2 lb compared to most group 31 batteries which can weigh up to 59.8 lb.
  • Carrying Handle - Handle For Easy Carrying
  • Superior Cranking Power - Up to 70% more cranking power than other products
  • Extended Cycle Life - Lasts up to 3Xs longer than standard SLA batteries; Completely Sealed - Can be installed in any direction or position
  • Low Self Discharge - Able to start with extended periods of storage
  • Green Energy - Non toxic, no acid, no lead

It's not a Battery, It's a Banshee

Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion RV Group 31 Dual Terminal Battery Replaces Optima D31M Blue Top 1200CCA

Emergency Start

If the battery does not start your boat, press the emergency start button and then try to start your boat again. After pressing the Emergency Start button, you have 60 seconds to start your boat. The Emergency Start feature will only activate when the battery is depleted.

Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion RV Group 31 Dual Terminal Battery Replaces Optima D31M Blue Top 1200CCA

Extreme Light Weight

Weighs only 24.2 lb compared to most group 31 batteries which can weigh up to 59.8 lb.

Banshee Lightweight Lithium-Ion RV Group 31 Dual Terminal Batter

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