High,Bar,/daringly231779.html,–,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bre,Counter,Barstools,guardianangelschool.org,$189,Stools,Footrest,,LWG,with,Stool $189 LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Counter High Stools with Footrest, Bre Home Kitchen Furniture LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Counter Footrest High Award Stools with Bre $189 LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Counter High Stools with Footrest, Bre Home Kitchen Furniture LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Counter Footrest High Award Stools with Bre High,Bar,/daringly231779.html,–,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bre,Counter,Barstools,guardianangelschool.org,$189,Stools,Footrest,,LWG,with,Stool

LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Same day shipping Counter Footrest High Award Stools with Bre

LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Counter High Stools with Footrest, Bre


LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Counter High Stools with Footrest, Bre

Product description


【Awesome Gift】
You can now decorate your home with something different. The Bar Stool will fill your life with joy and texture.

PLUS, It is also an awesome item for you to give as a gift, it shows how much you care – because what can be more endearing and thoughtful than offering your loved ones an item that will greatly meet their daily needs?

◆Product Name: Bar Chair / Barstool
◆Material:Soft Cushion + Wrought Iron Frame
◆Size:42cm(Long)×39cm(Wide)×65cm/75cm(Seat High)
(Please refer to the dimension drawing for details.)
◆Scenes:Bar/Cafe /Restaurant/Counter

- Environmental fabric, comfortable and breathable, good hand feeling, long-term use
- The seat is not easy to be deformed, the vision is more beautiful, and the bearing capacity is strong.
- Ergonomic design, backrest, relaxation and comfort
- Modern design, metal frame, stable structure
- Silent and non-slip, will not damage your floor, with footrest

【About Packaging】
- 1 × Barstool

【About Us】
❤We are a Professional Amazon Seller that focuses on providing each customer with the highest standard of shopping service.
❤Tip: If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to send us an email.
❤Return Policy: Our shop offers flexible return or exchange service for all sale goods!

LWG – Barstools Bar Stool Counter High Stools with Footrest, Bre

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