Infinidesign American shopping Flag Table 60x120inch Spill-Proof Cover N /crabby292175.html,Infinidesign,$35,Flag,Cover,Table,American,N,Spill-Proof,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,60x120inch, $35 Infinidesign American Flag Table Cover 60x120inch, Spill-Proof N Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Infinidesign American shopping Flag Table 60x120inch Spill-Proof Cover N /crabby292175.html,Infinidesign,$35,Flag,Cover,Table,American,N,Spill-Proof,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,60x120inch, $35 Infinidesign American Flag Table Cover 60x120inch, Spill-Proof N Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Infinidesign American shopping Flag Table Raleigh Mall 60x120inch Spill-Proof Cover N

Infinidesign American Flag Table Cover 60x120inch, Spill-Proof N


Infinidesign American Flag Table Cover 60x120inch, Spill-Proof N

Product description


High Quality Material: Cotton linen
Sizes: 60x120in(153x305cm)

Product Functionals:
Hard Wearing: Featuring a fade proof cotton linen fabric, our tabletop covers easily protect your tables and furniture from scratches, stains.

Water Proof amp; Spillproof: Due to water withstand treatment , the surface of tablecloth is withstand to water and spill within a short time,
easy to wipe off liquids with damp cloth or napkin, This simply wipe to clean table cover is stain-proof and wrinkle free.

Elegant Design: Our premium cotton linen fabric tablecloth adopts advanced print and weaving technology, combining elegant
patterns and on-trend colors to create a beautiful and luxurious environment for your family and friends to make your dining more enjoyable.

Application: Perfect for different occasions like weddings, birthday party, banquet, families dinner, outdoor picnic and more.
Decorate your dining tables, kitchen tables, outdoor picnic tables and make them more elegant and stylish.

Care Instruction:
These tablecloths are dust-proof and wrinkle free. Easy cleaning.
Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry. Hand wash best, Dryer drying or lay flat to dry. Require little or no ironing.
Do not bleach. Please do not wash with sharp objects.

Tips for You:
Please kindly measure your table before purchasing, the size of table cloth usually larger than the size of the table.
Please allow a deviation of 1-2cm due to manual measurement.
Due to monitor differences, actual color may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor's display.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the product or need to ask the other color or size of the product, please contact us directly.

Infinidesign American Flag Table Cover 60x120inch, Spill-Proof N

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