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17 Key Kalimba Finger Large special price Special sale item Piano Beginner Lover wit Thumb Music

17 Key Kalimba Finger Piano Music Lover Beginner Thumb Piano wit


17 Key Kalimba Finger Piano Music Lover Beginner Thumb Piano wit

Product description


We Have a Small Music Video, if You Need, Please Contact Us Before Buying


Thumb Piano (Finger Piano) has a history of 3,000 years and is a plucked box sound instrument,The English name is Kalimba. It is said that the music it plays can not only drive away evil spirits from the patient, but also play a role in praying for rain, so it is one of the most popular musical instruments.


Name: Kalimba (Thumb piano)

Tonality: C Key

The Number of Keys: 17 Keys

Key Material: Carbon Steel

Piano body: full zinc alloy

Piano keys: ore metal

Resonant Box Material: Acacia wood material

Dimension:18cm x 13cm (0.5cm error)

Application crowd: adults

Application occasions: party, communication, birthday, gift, teaching, outdoor entertainment, accompaniment


1)Cultivating children musical talent

2)Starting a music hobby

3)Exploring more different music style

4)Getting your music when on a journey

5)Harmony with other instruments

6)Best music gift

【Warm tips】

Every Wood is Unique in Pattern and Texture. So Color Might Be Different From Pictures Due To The Nature Of . We can assure you the product quality and sound quality, but not the color of this product. Every piece of is different in color and texture. It's the nature of Wood.

We Will Continue to Update Kalimba to Provide Customers with Quality Products.

17 Key Kalimba Finger Piano Music Lover Beginner Thumb Piano wit

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