We all know what will happen if the faucet is damaged or the leaking pipes will be continued and no actions have done in order to fix it. It can literally get your monthly water bill goes up and you won’t expect that this simple hole in the pipe could burst your bill like a skyrocket. It could have been about the pipe, the switch, the faucet and even the tanking of the water source that is severely broken and damaged. You have to make a way in order to get things right and complete by fixing the problem here even temporarily so that it won’t affect your bill. 

 Leaked Pipe

Although you are not an expert in this kind of situation, then you can still make something to prevent the leak while you are calling the professional person. Temporarily prevention would help so that the problem won’t go bigger and hard to fix in the future. You can study this following fixing principles for those pipes that are leaking in your house or even to your friend’s house.  

Turn Off the Main Switch: Since you found the area or the part of the pipe which is leaking, then you need to prevent that one from getting out some water. You need to turn of the main switch of the water system in your house as you don’t want to interrupt it from your session of fixing the problem. It would be very safe as well if there is no one using the water as it would not give you a hard time preventing the water from flowing to the hole in the pipe.  

Clean and Dry that is Wet Because of the Leak: After you turned it off, it is your time now to start cleaning the leaked area with a piece of clean cloth. It would be needed as you would apply and put something there to cover the area or the hole there.  

Make Use of the Water Tape: It is a good idea to put a water kind of tape so that it would close the hole.  

Try to Turn on the Water System Again: You may try to turn on the system or switch if you think you have done things well.  

Call a Service Repairman to Fix This: With what you did, it would not guarantee you that it would be a hundred percent working and will work fine for a longer time as it’s not done professionally. You still need to call someone who is an expert in fixing this kind of leaking problem as they have the perfect equipment to use to stop the water leak. They have the expertise to resolve it in a right manner and be able to get everything done with the help of an expert. You can report this one as well to the water company so that they will be aware on what happened and maybe they could do some consideration as well.