Party buses are so spacious that the biggest can accommodate at least 50 people that makes it ideal for the ride of your guest from the wedding venue to the reception if your venue will take time to travel. It would be a great experience for them to have a care free and fun ride and the good thing about this denver party bus rentals  is it can be arranged to just about anywhere.

Although the main reason for renting a party bus aside from luxury and comfort is the fun and safety your guest can experience but there is a proper etiquette you should follow to ensure that it will be pleasant the entire time you had with the party bus. Here are some ideas of the things to consider in renting a bus to ensure that it will be pleasant and amicable for the entire guest and the driver for the party bus experience.

Invite List

This depend on the size of the bus you are renting, if the party bus can accommodate up to 50 passengers, be sure to have a list. This makes space not an issue for even a large wedding party but be sure that those invited will have confirmation.


Inquire whether the tip for the service of the driver is included in the rental price or not.  Some companies require mandatory tip so make sure to ask this to avoid double tip. The tip is usually 20% of the total cost of the party bus but if you feel like you want to add a tip for the driver, you can do so for the driver also work hard to provide great service and getting on time in order for your guest to be safe and not to be late.

Rules to Follow

Read carefully the signed agreement for the do’s and don’ts of the party bus. It’s no use if you are the only one who knows this so it must be shared to everyone on the bus. Make sure that everyone is abiding the law whether it is local, state or a federal law like having no alcoholic drinks for underage and no illegal use of drugs inside the bus. Have fun on the party bus but with attitude, you don’t want your guest to have any drunken mishaps, don’t you? So be sure that everyone will follow on the rules on the party bus.

Sure, it would be fun if the entire family would be on the bus or the closest friends you have to be in the same trip. There could be hard laugh or the singing and great conversations and the jokes but make sure that the driver would not be distracted, just for safety of the people in the bus.

Everyone rides on the clean bus, it is expected that it is also clean when everyone leaves. Make sure that everyone is throwing their garbage properly; anyway, this is just an easy thing to do.