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Qilmy Bath Towel Wrap Set Hair latest Wearable Women Quick High order for Dry Bat

Qilmy Bath Towel Wrap Set Hair Quick Dry for Women, Wearable Bat


Qilmy Bath Towel Wrap Set Hair Quick Dry for Women, Wearable Bat

Product description

Women Bath Cover up Towel Set

Material: 100% Polyester

Dimension: bath towel-31.5" x 59", hair dry wrap-9.8" x 25.6", headband-5.9" x 8.7"

Unique Print: You can find lots of various vivid patterns Bath Towels Set on YOLOGO, choose what you like is important. Go!

Perfect Details

1 x Bath Body Wrap -- comes with sticky fastener and sturdy buckle, meet different shapes demand.

1 x Hair Drying Cap -- roomy space to wrap your hair, no matter it is short or long. A elastic buckle design is not only easy to hang, but also convenient to adjust.

1 x Headband -- effectively to stop you hair leaving on your face.

Kind Note

Qilmy firmly adhere to quality services, stable quality, to serve the new and old customers. If any concerns, please feel free to tell us.

Qilmy Bath Towel Wrap Set Hair Quick Dry for Women, Wearable Bat

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