Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack Tulsa Mall Plate Pot Kitche Lid Holder Stand Plate,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bamboo,,Holder,,Stand,Rack,,Lid,/acroterium292710.html,$21,Wooden,Kitche,Pot,Dish,Rack Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack Tulsa Mall Plate Pot Kitche Lid Holder Stand Plate,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bamboo,,Holder,,Stand,Rack,,Lid,/acroterium292710.html,$21,Wooden,Kitche,Pot,Dish,Rack $21 Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack, Plate Rack Stand Pot Lid Holder, Kitche Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $21 Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack, Plate Rack Stand Pot Lid Holder, Kitche Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack Raleigh Mall Tulsa Mall Plate Pot Kitche Lid Holder Stand

Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack, Plate Rack Stand Pot Lid Holder, Kitche


Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack, Plate Rack Stand Pot Lid Holder, Kitche

Product description

Item Package Quantity:2

Pack of 1/2/3/4/6 Bamboo Wooden Dish Racks, each rack measures 11.8 x 4.73 x 3.9 inch, Plenty of 6 Slots, the spacing between the slots was 1.2"
MATERIAL - Made of sturdy bamboo. Surface special treatment, not easy to get . No crack, no deformation.
EASY TO INSTALL - Unassembled, this drying rack comes with 4 pieces parts, the two long racks and two pegs, each rack have two holes. When install, twist the pegs into side racks with a little big pressure, then the whole rack will be tight
MORE CONVENIENT TO USE - The weight is light, the size is convenient for a compact kitchen, small counter space. Very Sturdy to hold 6 pcs dishes/ lids/ etc.
EASY TO WASH - Mild soap and water, wipe it with a wet cloth and then air dry. Avoid leaving the rack in water or expose it under strong sunlight for too long. for extended life of tray use bamboo oil occasionally .

Bamboo Wooden Dish Rack, Plate Rack Stand Pot Lid Holder, Kitche

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