XingKunBMshop Towel Limited time sale Rack Black French Retro Bathroom $51 XingKunBMshop Towel Rack Black Retro French Towel Rack Bathroom Home Kitchen Bath $51 XingKunBMshop Towel Rack Black Retro French Towel Rack Bathroom Home Kitchen Bath XingKunBMshop Towel Limited time sale Rack Black French Retro Bathroom /acroterium231610.html,Towel,Bathroom,Rack,,XingKunBMshop,Rack,French,Retro,$51,Black,Home Kitchen , Bath,Towel /acroterium231610.html,Towel,Bathroom,Rack,,XingKunBMshop,Rack,French,Retro,$51,Black,Home Kitchen , Bath,Towel

XingKunBMshop Towel Limited Free shipping / New time sale Rack Black French Retro Bathroom

XingKunBMshop Towel Rack Black Retro French Towel Rack Bathroom


XingKunBMshop Towel Rack Black Retro French Towel Rack Bathroom

Product description

Make the most of unused wall space and gain vertical storage; Position where it's most convenient for your bathroom space; Use just one, or use multiples to create more storage just where you need it; Perfect for small spaces; Try in apartments, condos, dorms, campers and RVs
Surface treatment: Multi-layer plating
Material: Stainless steel + zinc alloy
Bearing capacity: 10kg
Number of layers: single shot
Hang outside cabinets to keep towels at your fingertips or inside cabinets for more discreet storage; Perfect for laundry, utility rooms and garages - hang microfiber dusting cloths and cleaning cloths; Use in homes, apartments, condos, cabins, RVs, campers and more

XingKunBMshop Towel Rack Black Retro French Towel Rack Bathroom

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