Regular dealer Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Co Active XL with,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Waterfowl,Co,Full,Active,Silencer,/ablastous6646009.html,$105,Drake,,Agion,Jacket,XL,Zip with,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Waterfowl,Co,Full,Active,Silencer,/ablastous6646009.html,$105,Drake,,Agion,Jacket,XL,Zip $105 Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Active XL Co Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $105 Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Active XL Co Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Regular dealer Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Co Active XL

Regular dealer Gifts Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Co Active XL

Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Active XL Co


Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Active XL Co

Product description

With an incredibly soft, quiet, yet extremely durable outer fabric, the Silencer Full Zip Jacket is the perfect big game jacket for the hunter that wants minimum bulk and maximum warmth and breathability. Agion Active XL works to keep you undetected by smell. Also featuring vertical chest pockets equipped with lanyards for hunting gear. Materials 100% polyester microfiber interlock fabric 400g 100% polyester fleece backing Features Agion Active XL scent control technology (Click Here for more information) Vertical Magnattach chest pocket Vertical zipped chest pocket Lower zippered pockets Grunt tube lanyard Range finder lanyard included inside vertical chest pocket Safety harness pass-through

Drake Waterfowl Silencer Full Zip Jacket with Agion Active XL Co

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