veniibot H10 Mopping Seasonal Wrap Introduction Robot Household Mo Sweeping /ablastous231609.html,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,$901,Sweeping,,Household,veniibot,H10,Mo,Mopping,,Robot,Robot,Sweeping $901 veniibot H10 Mopping Robot Household Sweeping Robot Sweeping, Mo Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care $901 veniibot H10 Mopping Robot Household Sweeping Robot Sweeping, Mo Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care veniibot H10 Mopping Seasonal Wrap Introduction Robot Household Mo Sweeping /ablastous231609.html,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,$901,Sweeping,,Household,veniibot,H10,Mo,Mopping,,Robot,Robot,Sweeping

veniibot H10 Mopping Seasonal Wrap Introduction Robot Household Mo Sweeping Direct sale of manufacturer

veniibot H10 Mopping Robot Household Sweeping Robot Sweeping, Mo


veniibot H10 Mopping Robot Household Sweeping Robot Sweeping, Mo

Product description

Product name: Intelligent sweeping and mopping robot (Note: with vacuum cleaner function)
Host model: H10
Charging voltage: DC 20V
Working voltage: DC 14.4V
Rated power: 55W
Base model: H10
Product name: veniibot/wow force H10
Brand: veniibot/wow force
Model: H10
Function: drag sweep suction type
Battery type: Lithium battery
Color classification: white
Charging method: automatic charging
Whether to bring a remote control: Yes
Manufacturer: veniibot/Wally
Cleaning Route: Plan
LCD display: Yes
Additional functions: APP control, area cleaning, carpet recognition, scheduled appointment, fixed-point cleaning, Yanbian cleaning, mobile phone remote control, power off, continuous scanning, LCD display, automatic cleaning
Navigation type: laser navigation
Is there a timed appointment function: Yes
Is there a virtual wall: Yes
Collision protection: mechanical + electronic dual protection
Whether to charge automatically: Yes
Smart: Connect with Tmall Wizard
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Dust box capacity: 1L
Application area: 50-600㎡
Noise: 20-60dB
Maximum height: 35cm
Battery life: 2.5 hours
Cleaning method: suction + brush type
Virtual wall type: Pocket virtual wall
Mopping method: pressure mopping
Electrical base station function: automatic washing and charging

veniibot H10 Mopping Robot Household Sweeping Robot Sweeping, Mo

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Bleach. 60cm Washes 45cmbathroom.Washing 20px; } #productDescription Enough normal; color: Or

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