Animal,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Charm,$118,10k,Pendant,Owl,/Leitneria6646035.html,Certified,Necklace,,Gold Certified 10k Gold Import Owl Animal Necklace Charm Pendant $118 Certified 10k Gold Owl Animal Charm Pendant Necklace Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Animal,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Charm,$118,10k,Pendant,Owl,/Leitneria6646035.html,Certified,Necklace,,Gold Certified 10k Gold Import Owl Animal Necklace Charm Pendant $118 Certified 10k Gold Owl Animal Charm Pendant Necklace Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Certified 10k Gold Import Owl Animal Necklace Charm Pendant Ranking TOP8

Certified 10k Gold Owl Animal Charm Pendant Necklace


Certified 10k Gold Owl Animal Charm Pendant Necklace

Product description

This solid 10k gold pendant necklace features a detailed and textured Owl charm. An Owl shows deep connection that you share with wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge. Like the owl, which is known for its sharp vision and keen observation, you also possess insight and intuition. The meaning of the owl also has something to do with change or transition. This pendant is both of unsurpassed quality and impressive design.
Available in White, Yellow or Rose Gold

Certified 10k Gold Owl Animal Charm Pendant Necklace

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