Chord Trainer With Rotatable Rapid rise Chart Finger Placement For Screen Chord Trainer With Rotatable Rapid rise Chart Finger Placement For Screen $37 Chord Trainer, With Rotatable Chart Screen For Finger Placement Musical Instruments Bass Guitars Finger,Trainer,,Screen,Musical Instruments , Bass Guitars,For,Rotatable,$37,Chart,/Leitneria6645935.html,Chord,,Placement,With $37 Chord Trainer, With Rotatable Chart Screen For Finger Placement Musical Instruments Bass Guitars Finger,Trainer,,Screen,Musical Instruments , Bass Guitars,For,Rotatable,$37,Chart,/Leitneria6645935.html,Chord,,Placement,With

Chord Trainer With Rotatable Rapid rise Denver Mall Chart Finger Placement For Screen

Chord Trainer, With Rotatable Chart Screen For Finger Placement


Chord Trainer, With Rotatable Chart Screen For Finger Placement

Product description

1.Built-in rotatable screen, reserves the most commonly used chords, perfect tool for finger placement exercise.
2.With steel guitar strings, the tension of the strings can be adjusted, convenient to use.
3.With metronome functions, can learn the chords with yourself customized tempo.

Chord Trainer, With Rotatable Chart Screen For Finger Placement

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