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Lxrzls Hand Model Rapid rise Miami Mall Transformers The Animation Movable are Joints

Lxrzls Hand Model,Transformers, The Joints are Movable,Animation


Lxrzls Hand Model,Transformers, The Joints are Movable,Animation

Product description

Hand Model,Transformers, The Joints Are Movable,animation Toy Action Figures Bumblebee.

Product Name: Anime Toy Model

Product material: environmentally friendly plastic

Product size: 2.5inches(high6.5cm)

Product color: as shown

Cartoon, anime type: monster, toy, model, anime, artwork

Control method: manual

Whether it is statically displayed: yes

Welcome to our store, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Package Include:

1 x Model Toy

Carefully processed and carefully designed.

To cultivate children's logical thinking, toys can cultivate space, imagination, creativity and so on.

Lxrzls Hand Model,Transformers, The Joints are Movable,Animation

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