Silk,Flower,12pcs,Panel,joyMerit,Artificial,Toys Games , Party Supplies,Wall,/Heterocarpus292390.html,D,$125,Party,Wedding, joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Ranking TOP1 D Wedding Panel Wall Party $125 joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Wall Panel Wedding Party D Toys Games Party Supplies $125 joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Wall Panel Wedding Party D Toys Games Party Supplies Silk,Flower,12pcs,Panel,joyMerit,Artificial,Toys Games , Party Supplies,Wall,/Heterocarpus292390.html,D,$125,Party,Wedding, joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Ranking TOP1 D Wedding Panel Wall Party

joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Ranking TOP1 El Paso Mall D Wedding Panel Wall Party

joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Wall Panel Wedding Party D


joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Wall Panel Wedding Party D

Product description


- Beautiful flower wall for background decoration

- The back is a grid, easy to link together, we recommend doing it with cable ties, or pinning to the wall directly with hooks or nails

- You could aslo built your own frame to them if you couldn't attach them straight to the wall

- The durable panels are easy to handle, construct and easy to store for reuse

- For wedding venue decor, baby shower, party, candy wall, photo areas, flower pillar, main road, home, shop window, showcase, party, stage decor, etc

- Material: Silk Flower

- Size: Approx. 40 x 60cm/15.75 x 23.62 inch

Package Includes:

12 Pieces Artificial Flower Wall


Artificial flowers maintenance methods:

1. It is inevitable that flowers will stack together in transport, please take the flowers out and shake them gently to restore the appearance.

2. Sometimes flowers in the transport process may have small leaves drop, you can plug them in the bouquet by yourself.

3. Artificial flowers will be sticky to the dust if you do not care for a long time, please blow off the dust with a hair dryer, or rinse with water and then air-dried.

4. Some small leaves and flowers are not suitable for washing, it is recommended to wipe with a wet cloth on them.

joyMerit 12pcs Artificial Silk Flower Wall Panel Wedding Party D

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