/Heterocarpus231590.html,guardianangelschool.org,$256,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Die,20,000,MILWAUKEE'S,RPM,,MILWAUKEE'S,Grinder,,12V, $256 MILWAUKEE'S Die Grinder, 12V, 20,000 RPM, MILWAUKEE'S Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools MILWAUKEE'S Die Excellent Grinder 12V 20 RPM 000 /Heterocarpus231590.html,guardianangelschool.org,$256,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Die,20,000,MILWAUKEE'S,RPM,,MILWAUKEE'S,Grinder,,12V, MILWAUKEE'S Die Excellent Grinder 12V 20 RPM 000 $256 MILWAUKEE'S Die Grinder, 12V, 20,000 RPM, MILWAUKEE'S Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

MILWAUKEE'S Die Excellent Weekly update Grinder 12V 20 RPM 000

MILWAUKEE'S Die Grinder, 12V, 20,000 RPM, MILWAUKEE'S


MILWAUKEE'S Die Grinder, 12V, 20,000 RPM, MILWAUKEE'S

Product description

#: G4330806 Mfr #: 2486-22
Series : M12 ????(TM)
Includes : Carrying Case, (2) Wrenches
Item : Die Grinder
No Load RPM : 20,000 RPM
Green Env????mental Attribute : Product is Rechargeable
Included Charger : 2XKZ7
Tool Weight : 1.2 lb
Battery ???? Replacement : 38D763
Handle Type : Straight
Collet Capacity : 1/4 in
Battery Capacity : (2) 2.0 Ah
Corded/Cordless : Cordless
Voltage : 12V DC
Charger Replacement : 2XKZ7
Battery Included : 38D763
Switch Type : Paddle
Tool Length : 2 13/64 in
Brushless Motor : Yes
Cordless Tool Battery Type : ??-???
Features : 20% More Power than Pneumatic, Greater Mobility and Access, Optimum Performance with 2 in Accessories
Application : Grinding
Overall Length : 2 1/4 in
????-On Switch : Yes
Battery Series : M12 ??????????
Collet Size : 1/4 in
Case Included : Yes
Charger Model : 2XKZ7
Charger Included : Yes
????-Off Switch : Yes
Anti-Kickback Clutch Type : None
Tether Style : Tether Capable
Cordless Tool Kit Contents : (1) Bare Tool, (2) Batteries, (1) Charger
???? Style : Barrel ????
Accessory Free Tool Change : No
Dust Sealed Switch : No
Brake Type : None
Max. Speed : 20,000 RPM
Number of Batteries Included : 2
Safety ???? Mechanisms : None
Battery Model No. : 38D763
Number of Speed Settings : 3
Grinder Orientation : Straight
Power Source : Cordless
Anti-Restart ?????????? : No
Country of Origin (subject to change) : China

MILWAUKEE'S Die Grinder, 12V, 20,000 RPM, MILWAUKEE'S

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