$35 Malco Andy 12 in. Steel Combination Snips Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Malco Andy Very popular! 12 in. Snips Combination Steel Malco Andy Very popular! 12 in. Snips Combination Steel Snips,Andy,$35,Malco,guardianangelschool.org,in.,/Heterocarpus149790.html,12,Combination,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Steel Snips,Andy,$35,Malco,guardianangelschool.org,in.,/Heterocarpus149790.html,12,Combination,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Steel $35 Malco Andy 12 in. Steel Combination Snips Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Malco Andy Very popular 12 in. Snips Combination Inventory cleanup selling sale Steel

Malco Andy 12 in. Steel Combination Snips


Malco Andy 12 in. Steel Combination Snips

Product description

Cut through heavy vinyl siding lock-seams and more with ease. The MV12 Aluminum Handled Snip is part of the legendary ANDY SNIP line of “lightweight snips with the strength of steel”. This unique Andy combination snip design features a knife-like cutting edge to produce a smooth slicing action for easy one-hand operation. The user simply grasps the snip with the red grip up for optimal blade alignment when making straight cuts or left or right circular cuts in a variety of non-ferrous materials including: layered components of heavy grade vinyl siding, aluminum trim coil, landscape edging, vinyl flooring, carpeting and leather. Replacement blades are available and are easily installed in the field.

Malco Andy 12 in. Steel Combination Snips

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