MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers for Canisters Kitchen Set List price,/Ahom292322.html,Kitchen,Containers,Set,MDZZ,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Storage,Canisters,Food,Airtight,for,$72 $72 MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers Set Kitchen Canisters for Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers for Canisters Kitchen Set List price $72 MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers Set Kitchen Canisters for Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining,/Ahom292322.html,Kitchen,Containers,Set,MDZZ,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Storage,Canisters,Food,Airtight,for,$72

MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers Free shipping / New for Canisters Kitchen Set List price

MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers Set Kitchen Canisters for


MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers Set Kitchen Canisters for

Product description

material: plastic

Color: as the picture shows

Size: as shown

Please allow 0.5-1CM difference due to manual measurement.

Regarding chromatic aberration: there is a normal chromatic aberration between different monitors, and the color is subject to the actual product.

MDZZ Airtight Food Storage Containers Set Kitchen Canisters for

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