Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,FIts,Pressure,85374,Steam,Presto,/Ahom150022.html,0175002,85729,Cooker,for,Canner,guardianangelschool.org,$28 85729 FIts for Presto 85374 Canner 0175002 Cooker Steam Pressure Austin Mall 85729 FIts for Presto 85374 Canner 0175002 Cooker Steam Pressure Austin Mall $28 85729 FIts for Presto 85374 0175002 Pressure Cooker Canner Steam Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,FIts,Pressure,85374,Steam,Presto,/Ahom150022.html,0175002,85729,Cooker,for,Canner,guardianangelschool.org,$28 $28 85729 FIts for Presto 85374 0175002 Pressure Cooker Canner Steam Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

85729 FIts Max 76% OFF for Presto 85374 Canner 0175002 Cooker Steam Pressure Austin Mall

85729 FIts for Presto 85374 0175002 Pressure Cooker Canner Steam


85729 FIts for Presto 85374 0175002 Pressure Cooker Canner Steam

Product description

  • Dial size: 2"
  • Range: 0-20psi/bar, 100xkpa
  • Case: Polished stainless steel, rusty proof
  • Window: Clear polycarbonate
  • Tube: Copper alloy
  • Movement: Brass
  • Connection: Brass chrome plated,
  • Installation: 3/8"" UNC thread, with silicone rubber gasket, stainless steel gasket and nut
  • IP class: IP43
  • Accuracy: +/-3-2-3%
  • Working temperature: -40+266 deg F

85729 FIts for Presto 85374 0175002 Pressure Cooker Canner Steam

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